Kent UF Tap Water Purifier

Now Brush Your Teeth & Wash Fruits & Vegetables With Bacteria – Free Safe Water Download PDF

  • High grade granular activated carbon, a powerful de – chlorination agent, removes residual chlorine and the unpleasant odour from your tap water
  • Advanced multi – layered hollow fiber UF membrane filter removes Rust, Bacteria, Cyst, Colifom Bacilli, Micro – organisms & Microscopic impurities from water
  • Long Membrane life lasting upto 1500 litres
  • Facility to backwash the membrane which increases the life of filter cartridge
  • Easy availability of genuine filter cartridge and spare parts
  • See through window, to check contamination build up and find out when it's time to replace the cartridge
  • Provided with accessories to fit on various types of taps
  • Easy to use 3 mode water selection lever to provide a choice of Purifier Water, Unfiltered Straight or Unfiltered Spray to suit your needs.
  • Best for washbasins – To brush your teeth, gargle or splash your face and eyes with germ – free and odour free water
  • Excellent choice for kitchen sinks – To wash fruits, vegetables, meant and sea food with bacteria and cyst – free water
External Dimensions 69mm (H) X 104mm (W) X 116mm (D)
Casing Material ABS engineering plastic
Filter Materials Granular Activated Caron, Polysulfone Hollow Fiber UF Membrane
Initial Filtration Flow Rate 2.0 litres per minute @ 100kPa
Minimum Working Water Pressure 70kPa
Total Filtration Volume 1500 litres
Recommended Cartridge Use
About 6 months if 8L are used per day (varies with water consumption, quality and pressure)
Net Weight 335 gms
  • Use only genuine KENT SX6 series filter cartridge for replacement
  • Not recommended for hot water above 50o C