dishtv on tv
Set Top Box

A Set-Top Box (STB) is a digital receiver that connects to a television or a computer. It receives dishtv signals from a minidish and turns the signals into content on your screen. Every STB is uniquely numbered (a unique serial number is printed on every STB. No two boxes can have the same serial number). Additionally, each STB comes with its own remote control, making it easy to operate.

Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)

The Equipment or Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) consists of the following:
* Dish Antenna with LNB
* STB with Remote
* Pre-activated Viewing Card
The Dish Antenna is installed at an appropriate location at the customer's premise. It is then connected to the STB through a cable. The cable in turn, is connected to the TV set.The encrypted TV signals are received from the satellite on the Dish Antenna and transmitted to the STB. The customer is also provided with a Viewing Card, which is inserted into a slot in the STB. The Viewing Card decrypts the TV signals chosen & paid for by the customer, for better clarity of viewing on TV.

Dish Antenna

dishtv has a small Ku-Band Satellite Dish Antenna (approx. 60 cm diameter). It has a LNB (low noise block) that amplifies and down converts the signal. This signal is transmitted to the STB.

Pre-activated Viewing Card

This card is just like a SIM card of mobile phone. To receive dishtv signals, this card needs to be activated after installation. Every VC is uniquely numbered. This number is of 11 digits followed by a hyphen and 1 digit after that. You can locate this on your VC. For Example: 01500010000-1. No 2 VC’s can have same serial number. The viewing card is pre-activated so that you can start watching the channels as soon as you get your dishtv installed.