DISHTV on Computer

dishtv on computer dishtv on computer dishtv on computer dishtv on computer

DISHTV bring to you yet another first in its bouquet of services - DISHTV on Computer'. 'DISHTV on Computer' is the first of its kind in India,by making your computer double up as a television it gives you 'LIVE DIGITAL TV' right on your workstation. You also get an added benefit, the set top box comes with a dual advantage – it works with your computer AND your TV. Yes! With this magical product, up to 100 + channels will now also be available on computer, bringing to you Live News, Live Sports, Live Business news along with Active services, Movie-On-Demand, Gaming, EPG, etc, whatever dishtv offers on Television; now also on Computer! So go ahead, stay updated with the latest news & views (whether business or political) either at work or at play!

The Dual Advantage

The dish antenna is installed at an appropriate location on the roof ( terrace / balcony or suitable location ) . It is connected to the Set Top Box( STB) through a cable which in turn is linked to the computer / television set. Then the Viewing Card is inserted into a slot in the STB. The encrypted signals are received from the satellite on the dish antenna and are transmitted to the STB . The viewing card decodes these signals.


This magical product will enable you to enjoy up to 200 + digital channels along with futuristic services such as Movie-On-Demand, Multi Audio Feed, Active News, Active Sports and many more, for just Rs.3390 + 200 extra on installation with 6 months Platinum/ South Platinum pack. So go ahead, now enjoy live entertainment on your computer.